Religion Of Mankind

Born in the 12th century, Basavehswara or BASAVA as he was fondly called was a great saint, radical thinker, rationalist, revolutionary philosopher and social reformer. BASAVA gave a new thought to build a new and reformed society. He preached like any other divine person Universal Love and Compassion. He was highly foresighted. Recognising this, men of the same ideology came to his support and association. He established Basava Dharma or Vishwa Manava Dharma. This led further to the institution of Kalyana Rajya ( flourishing society with great moral thoughts & thinking).

Compassion and Humanitarianism: There is no religion without compassion and human values. Compassion towards living beings in general is the highest truth. This is a true religion and meaning of life. Humanity which is nothing but compassion is the highest virtue of man. BASAVA was an epithet or synonymous of compassion. He practised what he preached. Religion without human compassion is a lifeless one. In of his vachana (poems) he speaks about compassion.

What is religion without compassion?
Compassion is needed in every living being
Compassion is the base for any religion,
my adorned and worshipped lord Kudalasangamadeva
does not accept any religion without compassion.

Universal Love: Love is nature’s wonderful gift and concept. Love towards only few individuals is restricted one. It is shared to reach wide and large number of people it becomes universal love. Anyone who develops universal love finds the entire world his home and all people his own. Such love makes individual home and surrounding a peaceful abode. BASAVA advocates not to consider few as our own but to treat all equally.

Never feel other person as an outsider of stranger.
Feel everyone as your own family member or Lord Kudalasangam’s family members
The world itself is a big house.

Non-Violence: Violence is a terrible form and policy. But non-violence creates fearless and peaceful atmosphere. It is easy to become violent in a moment. To become non-violent or peaceful minded entire life needs to be dedicated. Further he went on to say one’s earnings should not be enjoyed by oneself but should be shared with others in society. What Lenin or Karl Marx advocated socialism, as long as 12th century BASAVA did this task to become first to bring equality in social and economic fields. He illustrated his idea in a vachana.

When a crow finds even a little food,
does it not call its belongings?
When hen or cock finds a marsel of food,
does it not eat sharing with its belongings?
If a devotee of Lord Shiva does not share with others,
O Lord kudalasangamadeva, such a devotee is inferior to crow then.

Divine Charity: The main objective of Dasoha is to build a strong society; a strong and self sufficient society. As the wealth is amassed, the fear and fascination develops to make man greedy. To control and subdue man of his ego or delusion, Dasoha was termed by BASAVA. It is of three kinds

  • Kayaka Dasoha – divine duty
  • Annadasoha – sharing of food with others selflessly
  • Jnana Dasoha – sharing of knowledge

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